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You can certainly do meet-and-greets, too, but lets talk about a few more creative ideas. You dont need to meet your fans in person to give them access to you as an artist. Google Hangouts presents a really easy (and free) way to chat with your superfans. Maybe you could set up a recurring monthly Hangout where fans pay a monthly fee to join you and the band online for an hour. Google Hangouts will allow up to 25 people to be on a video call, so if you want to talk to your fans face to face, limit the number of seats available. (Limited spots will also make it feel more like an exclusive club.) After they pay, add them to a special email list and send them the link to the Hangout every month. Try to keep it around the same time so your fans can easily schedule around it. Use this hangout for Q&As, exclusive updates, sneak previews of new music to come, and even short performances. If you want to get a little more personal, another option is to do private meetupsbefore or after gigs at a local bar or restaurant.

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